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Smart Mobility Management 013 Telematics

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Smart Mobility Management 013

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Big Data, the Internet of things, the future of the car will for sure be "connected". In little time, telematics have moved on from the simple days of navigation/maps/vehicle tracking to smart carsconnection and the internet of things

But what do telematics mean for the TCO equation? How can telematics solutions enable fleet managers to achieve better procurement,  technology solutions, business planning and processes, and driver engagement? What is the role of suppliers when it comes to supporting fleet managers in achieving these goals?

With its Guide to the Connected Car & Telematics Smart Mobility Management tries and answers these questions. The most mature fleet markets in the EU, such as Benelux, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland, are covered in this Guide.

What's more it explores privacy issues, insurance management, driver behaviour and, most importantly, data management and reporting, in order to shed some light on the future of the car - from connected to fully automated.

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